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Eco Vessel, DOUBLE BARREL Beer or Coffee mugs 1L

Regular price $40.00

Eco Vessel is passionate about giving back. Part of their mission is to support organisations - 1% of the purchase price of every bottle is donated directly to Water for People.

The Double Barrel stainless steel mug will be your travelling buddy for any drink. This double insulated stainless steel mug is fashioned like a beer barrel but isn't just for carbonated hops and malt. Hot tea/coffee stays piping hot and cold suds or juice stays cold and fresh.

  • Two layers of premium #304double-wall-insulated.png
  • Insulated for both hot and cold drinks
  • No BPA, No phthalates, No liners
  • 32 fl.oz / 1000 ml
  • 4.75 x 4.75 x 6.5"