Eco Vessel - Triple Insulated Trimax Technology

Hydrate Anywhere, Anytime with Eco Vessel's Triple Insulated Bottles

Anyone who loves the outdoors knows that there's nothing more important than staying hydrated. From the hiking trail to a daily run, having access to fresh water makes all the difference. When the temperature climbs and you're outside involved in strenuous activity, though, we don't want just any water — we crave the refreshment of a cold drink. With triple insulated bottles from Eco Vessel, that wonderful thirst-quenching feeling can always be kept right at hand.

Featuring the innovative TriMax insulating technology, these triple insulated bottles — like our Bigfoot, Boss, Summit, and Boulder Flip straw products — will keep your water chilly for up to 36 hours. You can even use your bottle to store hot liquids, keeping them steaming for eight hours. They're easy to carry and good to go anywhere, whether that means the office or the wilderness or a far-flung holiday destination.

Kids want cold water when they get thirsty playing outside, too. Eco Vessel offers the Twist and Frost triple insulated bottles for kids, with plenty of designs from which to choose. When getting a drink is as easy as flipping up your bottle's straw and sipping on ice-cold water, you shouldn't ever need to worry about dehydration again.

All Eco Vessel bottles are 100% BPA-free and come with a lifetime warranty. We believe everyone deserves access to clean and refreshing water. When your body craves water during your next hike, reach for your reusable insulated water bottle and enjoy! Explore these product offerings now, or contact us for answers to any questions.